How to Make Money Playing Games


Making money playing games sounds too good to be real right? Well, it might be easier than you think! We've hit the grindstone in search of some of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money doing the thing you love most - gaming. Take a look at the list below to see if you can build a sustainable income off the back of video and computer games.

Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel.png

Test your hand and become an influencer and follow in the footsteps of the greats like Jacksepticeye, ijustine or KSI. Take your hobby online and turn your love of the game to screens around the world. The possibilities are endless for a YouTube channel, maybe you want to start a review channel, trying out and testing all the latest and greatest games, how about a simple playthrough, challenge yourself by completing games and let the world watch your progress? Whatever it is you do, build up those views and subscribers and eventually, you can monetise your channel through ads and sponsors.

Playtesting Games

Playtesting Games.png

Become a playtester in your spare time, companies like EA, Actvision and Playtestcloud are always looking for new playtesters to try out all the upcoming games across all platforms from IOS apps to high-end gaming PCs. With the chance to not only try out some of the hottest unreleased games but getting paid in rewards like vouchers, merch, games and even cold hard cash, playtesting is an instant win for all you entrepreneurial gamers out there.

Games Development

Games Development.png

Do you ever find yourself dreaming up new games, or questioning the games you play, wondering if it could be done better? If so, it sounds like game development could be a career for you. There are numerous paths to take if you are looking to start earning money out of game development, with a plethora of recourses and courses available from fully fledged degrees and reputable universities to basic beginner courses found on sites like Udemy and Access Creative.

Writing About Games / Reviews


Are you like us and have an endless stream of facts and experiences in video games? Help calm the perpetual churning of gaming going on inside your head by writing it all down. Start your very own gaming blog to share your adventures, trials, competitions, and everything else with the rest of the world. Turn your writing into a money spinner by building links to external sites and using paid advertising.

Get Really Good and Win Tournaments

Get Really Good and Win Tournaments.png

There is an alternative to building a fruitful venture analysing your gaming and that is simply getting really, really good at it and winning competitions. Make money out of playing video games better than anyone else and become a champion. Work your way up to competitions like FIFA eWorld Cup or the Call of Duty World League Championships.

Start a Podcast

Start a Podcast.png

Share your experiences with the world without writing an essay and start your own gaming podcast. Talk about the hottest new games, discuss reviews, gameplay, lore and pretty much anything you would like to. Introduce special guests, mix up the subjects and even try out the video games live, the possibilities with podcasts are endless. Build up enough interest in your podcasts by producing good content and eventually you could start introducing sponsors or even start selling your podcast by the episode.

Game Coaching

Game Coaching.png

This one might surprise you but its money-making potential keeps growing. Make money by playing your games or make money by teaching others to play games. Become a private gaming coach and offer your service to those wishing to improve their skills in the world of digital gameplay.

Sell Your Unwanted Games

Sell Your Unwanted Games.png

With new games being released all the time and as the gradual conversion from physical copies of games into digital copies gains more and more traction, now could be the time to sell your old copies and make a bit of extra cash to expand your collection. Graduated to the newest, next-gen consoles? Sell your old ones and earn cold hard cash in return. Use WeBuyGames to start earning.

Make money playing games with these top tips and tricks, whether it's writing, talking or just simple playing, there is something for you.