Top 10 Creepiest Funko Pops


We all know and love Funko pops for the cute miniature characters they are. But what about when Funko dives into the world of horror? It’s safe to say that not all Funko Pops are as adorable as Baby Yoda. We have trawled the internet in search for some of the creepiest Funko Pops that money can buy.

1. The Grady Twins (The Shining)

Made all the creepier by their back story, the Grady sisters are originally mentioned in Stephen King's book ‘The Shining’ and making their first appearance in the 1980 film of the same name, this pair of Funko Pops are sure to keep you awake at night.




2. Donkey (Shrek)

We know what you might be thinking, Shrek isn’t a horror. But think about it, a huge swamp creature and disproportioned talking donkey take a contract from a tyrant king to kidnap a princess..? but regardless of Shrek, why is this Funko grinning like that??




3. Chucky (Bride of Chucky)

Without even seeing the Funko Pop you just know that the figurine of a murderous serial killer trapped in the body of a doll is going to be creepy. This well-known horror antagonist doll takes on a new form with a bulbous head and eyes that can penetrate your soul with its Funko Pop taken from the 1998 ‘Bride of Chucky’ film.




4. Regan (The Exorcist)

Probably one of the most iconic horror characters to have ever graced our screens has been redesigned into a just as sadistic Funko Pop and it hasn’t lost any of its scare factors! The possessed Regan is a strong addition to the list with flecks of demon-induced vomit staining the figurine.




5. Dementor (Harry Potter)

Funko did a great job of creating a figure that is even scarier than the original rendition. The Dementor from the Harry Potter film series has been given a terrifying resemblance posed as if consuming your very soul.




6. Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth)

Taken straight from his layer, the Funko adaptation of the ‘Pale Man’ from the Spanish dark fantasy epic, Pans Labyrinth. This inherently terrifying creature is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their collection of Creepy Funko Pops.




7. Pennywise with severed arm (It)

Clowns are a big nope for many of us and the film ‘It’ is a prime example of why. Thanks to Funko’s adaptation of Pennywise from the 2017 remake of ‘It’, we can now have the tiny psycho clown for our very own.




8. Annabelle Doll (The Conjuring)

Quickly becoming a cult classic and a staple antagonist for a number of popular supernatural horror films, the Annabelle Doll is what some might call an artefact of horror. It goes without saying that creating a new doll in the haunting visage of the original is going to result in something that's not for the faint-hearted.




9. Leather Face in ‘Pretty Lady’ Mask (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Another classic of the horror world, but this time wielding a chainsaw and wearing the face of one of his victims. Nothing says ‘nasty’ quite like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series, and the main protagonist is nothing short of iconic. This particular Funko Pop resembles Leatherface holding his trusty chainsaw and wearing his terrifying ‘Pretty Lady’ mask.




10. Headless Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)

Not one based on horror but nothing says creepy like the reincarnation of the beloved ‘good guy’ with a detachable severed head. Choose whether you want your Ned of House Stark to sit on your shelf with or without his disembodied head.




So that completes our list of the top 10 creepiest Funko Pops to have ever graced our shelves. If you disagree with our choices or you have some equally scary Funko Pops let us know on our Facebook or Twitter.